To argue this point I’m sure many of you reading this could say, the imagination has a big role into conjuring up allsorts of crazy things that don’t exists and one must and should keep this in check so not to loose your footing on the real world. That schools have taught us, that the imagination is a nuisance to the logical mind.

My argument with this, would be that we are all born with a great imagination and just the fact that over 100 years ago several professors decided the imagination had no use and has to be taught out of all children by the age of twelve because it gets in the way of an adult logical mind, something still taught in schools today, means that we have indeed given up a big part of ourselves to such individuals who I must ask, with what power to do so? Enforced such a huge program on all of us over our natural urge to trust our imagination and learn to use it to our advantage.

My Path

I myself took a different journey then most as I could see things that others couldn’t and many messages I was given, gave me important information about upcoming events. What I experienced was not in my mind but was actually very real for me. Once I had I accepted this as an authentic part of myself, I decided to find out more about myself and also what was our true human potential. My findings were amazing but of an individual experience and not easily proved unless one took the same path as myself into asking the big questions. I would advice this to anyone wanting to know more as I believe it is in the questions we ask that leads us to empowering oneself.

Now for me to actually come clean about this ability, could be considered a scary thing, but in fact the more and more people I spoke to individually about my experiences, the more I found many others who are also experiencing things outside what’s considered the norm and that we are all slowly, but secretly realizing that there is way more to our reality then meets the eye.

Fact or Fiction?

So in getting back to fantasy, is it indeed fact or fiction? I am now converted back into knowing, like I did when I was very young, that it is indeed fact. Due to the many beings and other dimensional places I’ve seen.

As learning to use our natural gifts and imagination wisely, we could all claim a very valuable part of ourselves that holds the key to experiences outside this dimension, beings living in other frequencies, energies beyond our norm and valuable abilities within ourselves that we all have the ability to be apart of.


For this reason I have written and illustrated two children’s books, one as a picture book called Imagine Holding Hands, created to open the imagination and connect us to more then we thought possible. The other is a novel written as a fantasy but created to open minds into unlimited potential called Jonar & Kitty – The Timekeepers Void.

Written for children but read by many adults, due to the context taking one past the normal educational system.

Now available as ibook or ebooks via Amazon or as a hard copy just order at any book shop Australia wide.

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Kate Lawrence
Author: Kate Lawrence

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