Cath will help with her family’s thriving business and begin creating a new body of work to be presented in late 2018 at the Secrets on the Lake Gallery.

I must say there is never anything ordinary or traditional about Cath’s creations. I recall several years ago on one of my gallery hops through the Hinterland, arriving at Secrets on the Lake Gallery to view contemporary photographs by Cath. The body of work entitled Pulp was a series of photos depicting the harsh realities of living a less fortunate life. The images generated emotions and presented questions that took me far beyond my normal boundaries.  

Since leaving Queensland, Cath has been busy raising her two daughters and making a name for herself in the arts community in Victoria. Her decision to return home to Queensland is welcomed by family and friends, and we look forward with great expectation to her next series of works.

Kate Lawrence
Author: Kate Lawrence

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