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Amica Whincop is an Australian abstract artist, recognised for her undulating ‘stone-like’ motifs and her ability to create a gentle equilibrium between spaces. Predominantly influenced by the intricacies of nature, its fragility and strength, there is something simultaneously tranquil and passionate about the pieces she creates. Her love of nature grew from a childhood living beside the rugged seashores of the Isle of Wight, England, creating a connection with the environment that has only strengthened through global travel and her eventual emigration to Australia.

Art has always been her vehicle from which to channel peace, quiet the mind, and inspire her soul. Her hope is that this calm energy transfers to the viewer.

Educated as a visual art artist and educator, she graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in 2003, holding a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Secondary Education.

Now settled in the country town of Gympie with her husband and three children, Amica’s work continues to gain national and international recognition, engaging a wide audience, including those who often disassociate with abstract art.

Aside from attending upcoming shows, you can follow her process on Instagram.

email: hello@amicawhincop.com 

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