QPAC’s Out of the Box festival returns from 26 June to 1 July 2018*.

This year’s festival is jam packed with five days of in-theatre experiences, workshops and activities curated especially for children aged eight years and under. Works like Air PlayDuckThe Arrival and more take to the QPAC stages, with workshops and activities scattered throughout the QPAC foyers and outside in our green spaces.

This year’s festival is a little different. For the cost of a Day Pass, you can experience all the festival has to offer.

New York’s, Air Play merges circus and street theatre performance art with sculptural artistry.

Air Play is a circus-style adventure of two siblings journeying through a surreal world, transforming ordinary objects into uncommon beauty. Fabrics dance in the wind, balloons have a mind of their own, confetti turns into the night sky, and an enormous canopy of hovering silk forever alters their future.

Ride the wind and dream with Air Play, a modern spectacle that brings to life the very air we breathe. Flying umbrellas, larger-than-life balloons, giant kites floating over the audience, and the biggest snow globe you’ve ever seen will make you gasp in wonder and laugh until it hurts.

★★★★ “A joy from start to finish, Air Play will entrance children, and will act as a great reset button for stressed adults.”- Sydney Morning Herald

Shadow puppets in space! Two brothers embark on an epic quest to find a new home planet.

This is the tale of Sam and Junior. Two brothers, who must flee their barren planet, and embark on an epic quest across the galaxy. Using the contents of your cleaning cupboard, Bunk Puppets’ David Geddes conjures up astonishing lo-fi theatrical wizardry using only old boxes, bubble wrap, drinking straws, tennis balls, ping pong bats and old toys. It’s a crazy shadow puppet universe, made from bits of rubbish.

Award-winning Bunk Puppets, creators of Swamp Juice and Sticks Stones Broken Bones, present this new, delicious, DIY theatre event.

Forget what you think you know about shadow puppets, buckle-in and tear open your imagination for an epic journey with two brothers as they battle the bad guys, and find strength in each other at warp speed.

Skye Leong
Author: Skye Leong

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