OceanZen bikini represents a lifestyle that carefree, ocean loving mermaids can easily relate to.

It is the life of a girl who dwells between ocean and land, the gypsy that travels the earth, the ocean addict who thrives off ocean vibes, the barefoot wanderers who have more bikinis than bras and the yogis who are in search of zen. We see the exquisite beauty in all living things, we take too many leaps of faith and we choose to take the road less travelled.  We smile, we laugh, we are fearless, we are wild at heart and we are water-born creatures.  We are OceanZen.

Apart from just bikinis, our heart truly lies with the wonderland of the marine world.With a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Marine Science, OceanZen also raises awareness with marine conservation projects and environmental updates via social media.The ocean is our last true wilderness that we have left to explore and it needs to be protected. Research shows that only 1 in 5 plastic bottles actually get recycled after single use and every second approximately 1,500 plastic bottles end up either in the ocean or in waste landfills. These numbers are rising.No wonder our oceans are polluted, no wonder our beautiful marine animals are suffering!


We are doing our part in an innovative and creative way by supporting the removal of discarded waste in our oceans and recreating it into the softest, highest quality lycra swimwear.

OceanZen is now completely sustainable and your bikini is literally made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing net fibres from the ocean!! We are saving the ocean one bikini at a time! It’s not just about awesome, functional, stylish and eye catching bikinis with OceanZen. It’s also about an environmentally conscious brand and our dream combing both passions; marine conversation and swimwear together.

When she hears the fierce ocean, she runs down to the shore, her bare feet folding into the sand, she dives in, opens her eyes, and feels at home. She smiles with the ocean. She is OceanZen. She is you.



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