Nadz & Sabs difference

Nadz & Sabs, the brainchild of Nadia Khan (right) and Sabrina Rashid (left), is an Australian label for ready-to-wear fashion for women who love couture, headquartered in sunny Brisbane in Australia.

Nadz & Sabs designs for women who are looking for something unique — hand-beaded dresses, embroidered silk organza, exotic looks and bold colours. The label believes in beautiful natural fabrics and hopes to make couture craftsmanship more mainstream and affordable.

The Nadz & Sabs brand was created with the belief that clothing can transform and empower a woman and every woman deserves a touch of opulence in her life. There is no reason to limit it to the red carpet.


Their Phoenix Collection was launched at the New York Fashion Week in 2015 drawing on timeless materials and crafts to create something aesthetically remarkable for today’s woman. Silk, the ‘new’ ancient fabric, featured strongly in the collection. Interweaving age-old artistries with contemporary sensibilities, each garment in the collection was individually hand crafted by couturiers with impeccable craftsmanship.

The label will launch its first resort wear collection in 2016 at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival.


Designer Nadia Khan, now settled in Australia, was an established fashion designer in Delhi, India and exported her clothes across Europe and the Middle East. She started sewing and designing clothes for herself and others. She grew up in a nurturing family environment where she was encouraged to develop her strong interest in design, craft and fashion. She is passionate about her design and feels like a kid in a lolly shop when she breathes in the smell of new fabric.

She went to India when she was 16 to study at the National Institute of Fashion Technology and she has never looked back. She worked for Ralph Lauren India and freelanced after completing her education before setting up her own factory. She was an established fashion designer in Delhi, India and exported her clothes across Europe and the Middle East.

Sabrina has extensive experience in marketing and communications in Sydney and Brisbane. She has a strong interest in fashion and a keen entrepreneurial spirit. Sabrina always wanted to start her own business and with Nadz & Sabs, her wish became a reality. She loves fresh ideas, new knowledge, meeting new people, developing strategies and creating something from scratch.

Birth of an enterprise

Nadia and Sabrina met socially and developed a great friendship. Their passion for beautiful clothing gave birth to this enterprise. Their partnership, complimentary skills and shared understanding are unparalleled and a great strength to the business.

The duo migrated from Bangladesh and they are now settled in Australia. Their eastern heritage is clearly reflected in Nadia’s creative outputs. They are a concoction of different cultures and grew up admiring fashion houses in the east and the west. There are many dimensions to their experience which help to make fusion possible — of the old and the new, the exotic and the familiar, the eastern and the western.



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