“I am a weaver, I pick up the threads of patterns and I weave a life tapestry, that’s my art “

As I weaved my way through the rolling green hills and took in the breathtaking vistas of Bald Knob Rd, One could imagine what a journey to middle earth would feel like in present day, on the Sunshine Coast, Hinterland.

Having suffered from crippling writer’s block before, I was curious to meet the man who is reported to be having great success with assisting Artists to break through their emotional barriers in all areas of their lives. I was on my way to meet with Emotional Alchemist and ‘Thread Weaver’ Wolfgang Wildgrace for some Emotional Fitness Personal Training. My first Pastiche Assignment.

I had heard about Wolfgang’s work from a 3rd year Art student friend of mine at QCA. He had enlisted Wolfgang’s services after working with him on a popular men’s professional development program called ‘Journey into the Heart of the Masculine’. He then filled me in on Wolfgang’s own program EFPT and how he was working magic in his personal life and his Arts practice as a direct result. He said that since working with EFPT he had become more aware of his emotions, more curious and no longer easily dismissing them, allowing him to be more contemplative & explorative and better able to step back from his art objectively. As an Art student, it had made him more curious in terms of other artists and their works, what their own emotional motivation was and what they were trying to convey in their pieces.
It has increased his awareness of his own insecurities with putting himself “out there”. Through EFPT he has found a greater understanding of his discomfort around being seen and accepted as an artist. Fundamentally he has found more self-compassion and as a married man with children, EFPT has heightened his focus on his primary personal relationships allowing him to acknowledge and accept the inner child in himself and really love and cherish that part with compassion and acceptance. The more he develops those qualities himself, the more he has found he can access for his loved ones. He said he would certainly recommend the work to anyone, with a measure of self-awareness and definitely recommend to any fellow Artists wanting congruency in all aspects of their lives and to help them understand their inner workings from an artistic perspective. He left me with a parting quote’ After all Art is more interesting when you understand the artists narrative.

So with my artist heart on my sleeve, I knew there was something very unique about Wolfgang’s brand of Artistry, he had found a method for opening and healing the hearts and minds of creatives just like me. He is rumoured to work with A-List Actors, Musicians & Sports Stars I was excited to meet the man I had heard so much about.

On greeting Wolfgang I realised there was so much more to him than meets the eye. On first impressions he looks like he may have been a rockstar, he adorned amazing tattoos on both forearms that resembled twisting snakes. He had a soothing voice and a calming smile, I began to feel like I was one of his clients as I felt all my anxieties leave as we settled into our interview. A decorated Bravery Medal owner and survivor of horrific childhood trauma, I had heard many colourful stories about this man. Wolfgang had been through some unimaginable adversity in his life and had managed to rise above it with a greater capacity to love.

“So I’m curious, how does a humble Public Servant go from being a normal average Joe to being a national hero and then to Emotional Fitness Personal Trainer to the Stars?”

Wolfgang laughed “ Obviously, it didn’t happen overnight, it’s really been a bit of a slow burn actually”

“Everything I lived through, has been preparing me for where I am now. As a child, I knew I was special. Yet, my family, I grew up in was not able to support me in the way that I could grow and develop safely. I was beaten down and told that I wasn’t special. So I grew up believing what they told me. I had extremely low self-esteem and sought attention in the most inappropriate ways. By channelling my anger and aggression through team sports I found I could release in more positive ways. Until of course my container ran over and my anger leaked out and got me suspended for violence.
I arrived at a point in my life from a series of events, some may even call a spiritual awakening in a pine forest, where I knew that I had a gift and that I could actually change my past childhood experiences in the present, I started to listen to the small voice inside me, that voice was me, at the age I stopped growing emotionally.” he was angry. I learned that the only way I was ever going to get any peace was to give him a voice, give him what I never got” My life has been irreversibly changed forever, I am a much better happier human being because of the relationship I recreated with my inner child.
I guess you could say that Emotional Fitness Personal Training is my way of listening to the children within each of my clients and if I can get the grown-up part to trust me enough, I can teach them to retrieve the wounded soul and to love, care, nurture and parent their child inside. “
We call our inner child, the Guru.
Most people journey their whole life looking outside themselves for inspiration for clarity and direction. What if you already have all the answers, what if the secrets to your eternal success and happiness are locked inside you, dying to get out?
What if by reclaiming him/her you can find out what he knew about his abilities before it was taught out of him/her?
That is my job, I follow the trail with my clients, into the dark forgotten places of the creative mind and bring back the forgotten child.
So your Art is healing?
I believe all art is healing. I take people and help them remember who they were born to be.

“I am a weaver, I pick up the threads of patterns and I weave a life tapestry, that’s my art “

Skye Leong
Author: Skye Leong

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