The purpose behind this label is to provide young women with the chance to feel liberated, and spiritually aware.

“I dress adventurous girls who are constantly inspired by what surrounds us and what dwells within us – and want to encourage them to embrace their youthful and Godly nature.

I am greatly inspired by movement, not only in clothing but also in life. It’s something I can’t help but notice and am intrigued by. However my main inspiration is the freedom of faith and intimate connection with God and His beauty.”


‘Chelsea-May’ is still growing and developing as a label – and we can keep an eye out for the release of their newest collection at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival next month. And following that, at the ‘Designer Q Runway’ in Brisbane in November.


As a label ‘Chelsea-May’ specialises in making one off gowns, personalised to each customer, made with passion and intentionality.

“I have come to realise that dress-making and designing brings me so much joy – which I now am so excited to be sharing with others.’’








Kate Lawrence
Author: Kate Lawrence

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