Kiki Art in Clay is run by ceramicist Kiki Vassiliou her work can be found at Eumundi Markets


Mosaics by Brett Campbell


Available at the Hempothecary: Shop 1/171 Main St, Montville, QLD.

Lake Cooth Edit


Jonathon Westacott

Sand Carved Series

The intention of this work is using the glass as a Three-dimensional

 canvas for my drawings.  I begin by travelling to wilderness areas in search of old trees that inspire me to capture their story.  I have been exploring the National Parks around Noosa over the last year sketching trees and landscape along the coastline.  I use felt tip pens to create the drawing and back in my studio I have adapted a photographic process to transfer the drawing onto a polymer.  This rubberised image becomes a stencil that sticks to the surface of the glass.  I also use glue with a special applicator to draw directly onto the vessel.

In my hot glass studio, I blow the forms with many layers of coloured glass melted onto the surface so that when the stencil is applied I can sand carve back through these layers.

I liken the sand carving to airbrushing in reverse, where the jet is removing colour to reveal what is beneath. Maleny Art Direct Gallery




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