Presenting the Yonder 2019 official lineup
The team behind the Brisbane Street Art Festival and the co-founder of Jungle Love Festival
are proud to announce the artists of Yonder 2019 who will guide festival goers on a journey
in the Mary Valley from the 28th November – 1st of December 2019 at Yonder.
Yonder’s featured artists will present an astounding entertainment experience like no other,
providing the festival community with a vast range of ‘on-stage’, roving, theatrical and visual
Yonder understands that creativity and art play a very important role in these lands since
time immemorial. In partnership with QPAC’s Clancestry, Yonder is committed to working
with Indigenous producers, artists and communities to provide a platform for First Nations
artists to tell their stories, their way, across all genres.
From DRMNGNOW to Cloe Terare to Kaylah Truth, First Nations’ artists will showcase the
multiplicity in Indigenous music across the festival. Digi Youth Arts will continue their
on-going partnership with the festival team and deliver programming from the perspective of
the youngest generation of one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world.
The Yonder 2019 line-up will also showcase a soirée of Queensland artists including Asha
Jefferies, Buttercats, COLTS, Chakra Efendi, FeelsClub, Felivand, Jaguar Jonze, Requin,
Sycco and The Jensens, while also celebrating the artistry and diversity of curators
nationwide and across the Ocean.
Disconnect from reality and be immersed by the diverse cultures and genres of Yonder.
Revel in the company of interstate and international performances by Kenta Hayashi
(Japan), Fascinator (NYC), Imbi the Girl (Sydney), Party Dozen (Sydney) and The Dead
Maggies (Tasmania) who feed a hungry appetite for independent and lively youth culture
Alongside the diverse music program, spread across four stages, Yonder maintains an equal
focus on visual art, theatre, workshops, talks and innovative and experimental performance.
This year will feature performances from the much loved Brisbane slam poetry crew, Ruckus
Slam, roving theatre acts from Brisbane Immersive Ensemble, large scale puppetry, eclectic
installation performances, dance, comedy and if you want to transcend reality, follow sonic
butoh troupe, Theatre of Thunder, up into the rolling hills.
Yonder Festival is proud to be working with the Brisbane Street Art Festival team to bring
this year’s captivating visual arts experience to life. The festival grounds will be a playground
for unusual and immersive works of art and interactive installations. These curators,
surrounded by the lush greenery of the Sunshine Coast hinterlands, are our beckoning call
to patrons to join us for the very first, not to be missed, installment of Yonder.
Nurture your mind, body and soul with interchanging workshops and panel discussions
spanning the festival weekend. Some of these delights will include a variety of harmonizing
yoga sessions, sustainable eco-friendly craft workshops and thought-provoking panel
Festival-goers can also enjoy boutique food and market stalls throughout the site, alongside
a licensed bar with handmade cocktails to quench those finer tastes.
In addition to the day-time program, Yonder will be seeing the return of the Kunst Klub. This
immersive nightclub experience is designed to transport you into the deep recesses of
Madame Kunst’s mind. With a heaving dancefloor, a maze of rooms to explore and
characters to meet, the Kunst Klub saves the biggest party for last.
Yonder Launch Party Event:
In anticipation for Yonder, 2019, we present

Skye Leong
Author: Skye Leong

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