Journeying inward to discover nature and elements of self, four artists show us intimate aspects of their daily life and art practice.

These provoking works explore very different art materials.  Appreciating the smaller details of nature, Cliff Bauer dives deep into landscape portraying the beauty and fragility of nature through painting.  While Sylvia Free manipulates glass to create exquisite 3D forms capturing pure moments in time.  Alicia Sharples, coordinator of BFAC says “it’s always exciting matching 3D work with 2d work, the interplay between the shapes, the colours and even the shadows makes for a really interesting curation.”

Depicting the struggle of daily life, Vit Martinek’s ceramic sculptures explore the interplay of delicate forms.  Combined with Anna Howard’s depth of colour and composition, guide viewers into memories and aspects of an artists’ life.

Exhibition Opening 6PM Friday 18 October

Exhibtion Dates: 18 October – 26 November 2019

Where: 11A Maple Street Cooroy

Cost: FREE

Skye Leong
Author: Skye Leong

Creativity, Community, Culture