Artist Katrin Terton marries form and philosophy in her new exhibition opening Friday, April 05 at Cooroy’s Butter Factory Arts Centre.
Built in her studio from found objects (think barbed wire and snake skin), ‘Reluctant Vessels’ is an exhibition two years in the making. And its end place, Terton said, was never clear.
Days out from the official opening, Turton said it’s been a combination of tactile and conceptual explorations guiding her through.
“I like the element of not knowing what’s coming, and not planning too far ahead,” Terton said. “The sort of varied, found objects and materials influence the evolution of it all.
“’Reluctant Vessel’ came from my considering one of these shapes I’d made and how it looked a bit like a vessel, like maybe a boat or something, but it had holes in it … so it was kind of ‘reluctant’,” she laughed.
Inviting in that creative serendipity, Katrin engaged philosophical questions as a form of meditation while her hands were busy making.
“I began asking questions like ‘well what can it hold?’, ‘Does it have to hold anything?’ and then things like ‘Does it even want to hold something?’…
“The questions head off into a philosophical or poetic tangent – which keeps the explorations going …I like to inspire people to have their own thoughts about the work, too. This is just how they’re made.”
BFAC coordinator, Alicia Sharples, said ‘Reluctant Vessels’ was one of three new exhibitions opening in the art space in April.
“This series of exhibitions is a real delight for the senses. From highly detailed embroidery and multisensory objects such as snake skin vessels spilling over with sand, to walls filled with nudes in our second ‘Art of the Body’ exhibition, there’s evocative works in every room,” Ms Sharples said.
‘Reluctant Vessel’ opens with Victoria Cain Barnes’ textiles in ‘Evocative’ and select group show, ‘Art of the Body’, from 6pm8pm, Friday April 05. All welcome, free entry, cash bar available. Exhibitions on show until May 07.

Skye Leong
Author: Skye Leong

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