Hasta la vista, baby!

The #MyriadAir community are officially all in San Francisco, a few days away from boarding the flight.

The seating arrangement is quite unique, with a two-level floor plan, including such VIP guests like; Steve Jurvetson, Jeremy Bloom and Jodie Fox to name a few…

The activities are like nothing you’ve seen before, with Steve Baxter inviting startups to pitch to him, in the time it takes to make a drink. Say, whaaat!

After the epic flight, guests will descend into Brisbane in a group yoga session.

There may be a moment where ‘The Voice – John Farnham’ infiltrates the sound systems. Because, #STRAYA

It’s gonna be one hell’ of a ride!

Join us on the other side by securing a ticket to Myriad!

Kate Lawrence
Author: Kate Lawrence

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