Sunshine Coast Council will begin its ‘Our Resilient Coast. Our Future.’ community consultation process tomorrow (Friday March 15) to assist in developing the Sunshine Coast Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy.

The project seeks to develop a long-term strategy that proactively plans for the future management of our coastal areas while building on our existing knowledge.

Over the next 18-24 months, council will carry out a detailed assessment of current and future coastal hazards along our 60km coastline.

Planning Portfolio Councillor Christian Dickson said developing a long-term strategy would build awareness of the potential impacts of climate change.

“By using the best available science, we’ll improve our understanding of coastal hazards and how they are likely to change over the next 80 years until 2100,” Cr Dickson said.

“Our coastline is dynamic and always changing. Residents will be familiar with beach erosion, shifting sand and periodic inundation of low-lying areas from high tides and storm events.

“Through our community consultation, residents can share their collective experiences and knowledge of our coastline, as well as details of how our coastline has changed over time.

“This will help build our knowledge, and to understand what is important to residents. It’s important that our work aligns with our community’s expectations and values.”

Professor John Martin, Independent Chair of the Community Advisory Group and Emeritus Professor at La Trobe University, said there were a number of ways for the community to take part in the consultation.

“It’s easy to be involved. We’re inviting community members to share their photos, their memories and what they value about our coastline. They can do this in person at our events or through our interactive online map,” Professor Martin said.

“We are particularly interested in photos and stories of historical events that represent how our coastline has changed over time.

“Anyone who loves the coastline should head to council’s website and subscribe to receive project updates, including notifications of our community events.

“We’re also looking for residents to join our Community Advisory Group, which will play an integral role in the formation of council’s strategy.

“The formation of a Community Advisory Group is a tried and tested approach.

“When council and residents work closely together – as they did for the national award-winning Maroochy Groyne Field Renewal Project consultation – positive outcomes can be achieved.

“We need people who are passionate, have an interest in the future of our coast and a range of skills or technical expertise. They should also have a genuine desire to create positive change.

“If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please consider applying.”

Residents interested in the Community Advisory Group can download an Expression of Interest form from council’s website. Applications for the Community Advisory Group close on Friday April 5, 2019.

To learn more about ‘Our Resilient Coast. Our Future.’ visit  


Image credit: Noel Brady

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