May this journey inspire you to find your way back into the glorious light – which is your, my, our ultimate birthright. Sidonie Bouchet was born in France and lives in Maleny, Australia. Sidone has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a background in editorial publishing. With a special interest in Nutrition, she began studying naturopathy in the early 1990s. Motherhood interrupted her studies and began her journey as a spiritual counsellor and workshop facilitator. She is a fully qualified reflexologist working extensively with the fascinating field of colour, and offers transformational guidance to help you reclaim lost aspects of yourself. Since 2000, she has been gathering lightworkers for ceremonial performances, including Woodford Folk Festival. Sidonie is the founder/writer of the popular facebook page Soul Sex, where she speaks her thoughts to over 266, 000 fans daily with the intention of sharing her discoveries and understandings back to wholeness. She is a presenter and workshop facilitator at festivals and expos, and a guest speaker on radio, television and teleseminars around the world. Sidonie offers  spiritual mentoring and healing sessions for those wanting to reconnect with their inner light. 

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